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      HOT RODS

  • Rolando shot the hostages: Who killed them? ... 1. The office whose inaction on Rolando's Motion for Reconsideration induced him to hijack the bus 2. The officials who hastily concluded that Gregorio was a conspirator and ordered his arrest 3. The ground commander whose incompetence gave Rolando plenty of time to shoot the hostages.
  • Was Mayor Lim the conspirator?: His order incited Rolando to kill the hostages ... Gregorio was considered a conspirator because he supposedly incited Rolando by telling him not to give up until his gun is returned. However, it is very obvious that it was the order to arrest Gregorio that ultimately incited Rolando to kill the hostages.
  • Was PNoy at fault?: He saw Gregorio's arrest on TV ... . Even my seven year old son shouted STOPPED IT, THE MAN WILL GET ANGRY. PNoy simply did nothing because he is not a "micro-manager".
  • Don't be misled: The death of the hostages is not a simple issue of incompetence of the SWAT Team! ... This incident is rooted in the deficiency of the justice system in the country that torments the moral consistency of the victims of institutional injustice.

ABOUT US. We are a partnership of Filipino lawyers with proven skills and experience on legal and corporate business solutions utilizing sophisticated tools of information technology. Our services are guaranteed to deliver pre-identified concrete deliverables within a specified time frame. You can visit our office at:

Regala Llagas Lelis & Associates
3rd Flr, Gimenez Bldg., Rizal St., Legazpi City, Philippines
Phone: 052.480.4480 | 052.435.4480; Cellphone: 09478932930; Email:

Family Law

We handle Family Law cases:
  • Declaration of Absolute Nullity/Annulment of Marriage
  • Legal Separation
  • Settlement of Estate
  • Last Will formulation and probate
  • Domestic and Inter-Country Adoption
  • Correction of Entries in the Local Civil Registry
  • Support and Filiation

Property Dispute

We have case-tested effective strategies for either side of property disputes:
  • Ejectment/ Eviction of illegal occupants
  • Recovery of Possession/Ownership
  • Recovery of Ownership
  • Judicial and Extra-judicial Foreclosures
  • Quieting of Title
  • Execution of Judgment

Business Solutions

We also provide guaranteed service on government transactions for corporations, partnerships, joint ventures and single proprietorships. We specialize in strategic business negotiation, fool-proof conveyances and documentation, labor management systems, electronic accounting, online presence and telecommuting setups. Our personnel are proficient on the following technologies:
  • Case & Litigation Management (Casesoft Applications: Casemap, Notemap, Timemap, Textmap, DepPrep)
  • Project and Resource Management (MS Project & Planbee)
  • Online Collaboration (Google Docs)
  • Electronic Legal Resource Management & Research (haiNa)
  • Business Accounting (Quickbooks, Quicken, In-house custom application)
  • Electronic Forms (MS Forms, PDF forms)
  • Secure Electronic Communication System


Roll No. 46552

Atty Regala is a tech - savvy lawyer. He single-handedly developed the haiNa Legal Resource Management System and was responsible for setting up the Firm's telecommuting facility. Atty. Regala is an experienced litigator and tenacious problem solver. He is the managing partner of the Law Firm.

Roll No. 47865

Atty Llagas is a lawyer-physicist. She took her Masters of Science at the University of the Philippines and obtained her Doctorate Degree at Macquarie University in Sidney, Australia. She is actively engaged in litigation and the academe. She holds a professorial chair at Bicol University and a distinguished member of the Faculty of  the College of Law of Aquinas University. Atty Llagas is a champion advocate of climate change and the cause of women and children. On top of that, she remains single, highly in demand but definitely available.

Roll No. 46468

Atty Lelis is an expert on professional networking and organizational linkages. He specializes in pooling resources from different sectors and stakeholders to fulfill the needs and demands of a particular project. He makes things happen in any legal and moral way possible. He is currently on leave while taking his sabbatical in the United States. Atty Lelis is an ardent disciple of the beauty of human form and the intrinsic goodness of the human soul.


Roll No. 62881

Atty Andes is a former seminarian who has been smitten by the allure of the law profession. He is a master of the written word and an experienced logician whose attention to details is both a natural trait and a lifetime obsession. He is proficient in the use of modern technologies and their application to the legal profession.

Atty. Andes is still single, dedicated and indefatigable.

Roll No. 47865

Atty Rayco graduated at the top of her class with the honor of MAGNA CUM LAUDE. She passed the bar with flying colors immediately after graduation from the College of Law of Aquinas University. Far beyond her credentials and achievement is the discipline and deep intelligence that enabled her to blaze through the four-year law course while maintaining the level of excellence in every subject. She is also a Certified Public Accountant principally assigned to manage the Tax and Corporate portfolio of the Law Firm.

Atty. Rayco is still single, fresh and highly in demand.

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